We had made a start as a speciality producer of solders and white metal ingots in 1923, later, we advanced to a production of the White metal bearings. Now, we are producing bearings maximum 1200 mm x 800 mm, 1000 kg in our technical skills of centrifugal casting.
In1980s, we started to produce low melting alloys, a part of them are used as alloys for processing a turbine blade of airplane jet engine.
In products as bearings, we are mass-producing freight car bearing metals and electric locomotive bearing metals for Japan Freight Railway Company, turbo freezer bearing metals for Ebara Corporation and so on.

Company Outline

Company Name Fuji Metal Industries Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2-21-4 Keihinjima Ota-Ku Tokyo 143-0003 Japan
President Yaichiro Kaji
Factory Manager Mitsuo Nakanishi
Chief of the President's Room Mitsuhiro Kaji
Auditors Yoko Kaji
Kazuko Kaji
Counselor Kyozaburo Kaji
Products White metal Bearings, white metal ingots, solders, copper alloy castings, low melting alloys, special alloys, aluminium alloy castings, non-ferrous metal alloys, ground metals machine processing
Capital 25 million Yen
Date of Establishment May 14th, 1923
Number of Employees 22
Bank References Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Kinshicho branch
Commerce and Industry Bank Omori branch Keihinjima agency
Productive Capacity White metals and other alloys about 40 tons per month
Bearing products (1000 for freight cars, 200 for freezers)
Factory Scale 1334 sq yards
Site Scale 3810 sq yards


May, 1923 Established a White metal ingot production factory in Honjo Kikukawa-Cho, Tokyo
May, 1948 Turned to a joint-stock corporation
April, 1950 Started to produce the bearing metals (white metal lining)
October, 1955 Designated as the authorized JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) indication factory
April, 1963 Increased the capital to 11 million yen
May, 1968 Increased the capital to 25 million yen
November, 1979 Moved the head factory to an industrial park in Keihinjima Ota-Ku, Tokyo
June, 1985 Were designated as the authorized JIS indication factory (re-acquire)
January, 1991 Passed JIS public announcement inspection
December, 1995 Passed JIS public announcement inspection
May, 1999 Purchased the adjacent land 237 sq yards
November, 1999 Constructed the bearing finishing factory 118 sq yards,
Reconstructed the machines factory
October, 2000 Passed JIS public announcement inspection
June, 2008 Designated as JIS certification acquisition factory

Main Customers

Ebara Corporation IHI Corporation NDC Co., Ltd.
Shinhokoku Steel Co., Ltd. Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Sato Metal Trading Co., Ltd. Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Taiheiyo Cement Corporation
Toshiba Machine Machinery Co., Ltd. Nippon Steel Corporation Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
IHI Compressor and Machinery Co., Ltd. Elliott Ebara Turbomachinery Corporation Ebara Refrigeration Equipment and Systems Co., Ltd.
IHI Seiki Co., Ltd. Ishikawajima Mass-Produced Machinery Co., Ltd. Seiko Insuruments Inc. (SII)
Hitachi Cable, Ltd. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd.
Ube Industries, Ltd. Toshiba Engineering Corporation
Sumikin Plant, Ltd.
Yashima & Co., Ltd. Hitachi Zosen Corporation
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