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In 1923, we made a start as a speciality producer of solders and white metal ingots. in 1950s, we advanced to a metal lining field and started to produce the bearings. We have a prominent technical skills of centrifugal casting in Japan, and contribute to improve the quality. From 1980s, we are producing alloys for processing a turbine blade of airplane jet engine.
We are proud of Fuji's metal lining with superior alloy technology and high precision
We make an effort to meet the demands of our customers by the complete facility, superior technology, experience and the results of many years. We apply a through process (from base metal, alloy, cast to work with precision machine) to produce bearing metals of internal combustion machine, gas turbine engine, decelerater and so on. We always do improvement of quality and the quick appointed date of delivery in our motto.
We affect your reliance and necessity with our through process and machinery
By substantial equipment and technology, We produce various bearing metals for generator, all sorts of industrial machine, air conditioner, facility of environmental sanitation and others under strict quality control.
Authorized JIS indication factory
Strict and advanced quality control
The high quality products which is created in the authorized JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) indication factory. We produce various metal ingots such as JIS standardized products, foreign standardized products, every white metals these are boast of us, low melting alloys and solders under our superior alloy technology and advanced quality control.
Ota City Excellent Factory
Excellent for people, town, management and technology
Ota, Tokyo we are located in, is known as one of the greatest factory accumulation zone all over the world. We are certified as Ota City (Tokyo) Excellent Factory. And we made a presentation at Ota Industries Fair. Here's our Excellent Factory introduction Video.
We open to the public for our factory tour. Don't hesitate to visit and take a tour of our factory.
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