Our factory is the authorized JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Indication factory. That consists of the metal ingot factory, the lining factory, the machine factory (#1), the machine factory (#2), the inspection facility and the warehouse.
We apply a through process (from base metal, alloy, cast to work with precision machine) by substantial equipment, superior alloy technology, high precision metal lining, correct machine process and strict quality control. That is why we can produce high quality products and deliver quick appointed date.

The Metal Ingot Factory
In our Metal Ingot Factory, we produce white metals, low melting alloys, solders and other many special alloys.
The Metal Lining Factory
In our Metal Lining Factory, we produce the bearings such as white metal bearing.
The Machines Factory
In our Machines Factory, we work with precision machines using our various machine.
The Inspection Facility
Our Non-Destructive Inspection facility always tries for quality control.
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